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A Grain of Sand ~ Chapter 18

I know it has been a long time coming, and I do apologise...writing just doesn't come as easily as it once did. *sigh*
As I now have a few chaps up my sleeve, and am currently working on what I think will be the last chapter, I feel somewhat confident posting this and saying that there will be a new chap each week.

Author: Always_jbj
Title: A Grain of Sand
Character/s: Spike/Buffy mainly + ensemble
Chapter: 18/?
Rating: M15+
Summary: Set in Season 6 somewhere around 'Life Serial' and goes very AR from there as slayer and vampire find themselves scouring dimensions. Will their search be in vain? And what will they learn along the way?

My thanks, as always, to my lovely beta slaymesoftly. Any mistakes are most likely a result of my post-beta tinkering.

Previous chapters can be found HERE.

( Chapter 18 )

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