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WIP update for April 2010

Well, I didn't get much accomplished in the past month. Spring break with hubby and kids interfered with the writing, especially since I had a tooth infection and on pain meds the entire week. Then, had the root canal the Monday after spring break. My beta had a family emergency too. May I say, being under the weather sucks!!!!

1. Kissing Cousins: Nothing in the last month
2. Lies: Put up a chapter almost a month ago
3. Memories Maketh the Man: Nothing
4. Never Be the Same Again, Book 2: Nothing
5. One Man's Hell: Posted a chapter in the last month
6. Sand of Burning Time: Mummy and Xmen Xover: Nothing
7. The Dimension Adventures: Nothing
8. The Seraph: Nothing
9. To the Victor: A chapter with Beta
10. You Never Know...: one chapter posted
11. Buffy's New Boyfriend: 5 chapters posted, 2 with beta

Finished up Restfield and it's all posted.

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