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I saw maryperk73703's post here today and realized I signed up here a long while back with the intention of clearing WIPs, but I never actually stated what they are. Maybe the semi public humiliation will help. (Although I have posted on both "In Loco" and "No Malicious Haunting" recently and have more stuff in beta for the latter.)

A Father's Love (Parts 2 and 3) BtVS Nano 06 novel
"In Loco Parentis" HP genfic, Snape-centric
"No Malicious Haunting" HP genfic, ghost Snape-centric

and now, I should add a couple of WIPs that are original fic, from Nano 07 and 09:
Unearned Luck and Ain't Got Time to Die.

My work as a teacher is my downfall-- that and the fact that RL is going so well I don't have time or as much interest in fandoms anymore. But I pledge to get these fics completed. Or to keep chipping away at them, at least.

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